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M Premajothi is a natural-born artist with a keen eye for detail and proportion. A practitioner of dance and a perpetual student who has mastered numerous art forms and media, she finds innovative ways to showcase her creativity; and was recently awarded a Guiness record! She has a special affinity to Tanjore Paintings and with her team of local artisans, Premajothi has created the most expressive and timeless pieces of Tanjore art.



Chithranjali Art Gallery was started in the year 2004 as a premier destination showcasing hundreds of types of arts, crafts, and unique gifts. Curated by M. Premajothi, the gallery showcased collections of traditional Indian arts like Tanjore Paintings, Raja Ravi Varma Paintings, Warli paintings, and tribal art from many parts of India. Contemporary art pieces from landscapes, abstract paintings, and mixed media pieces were also loved by hundreds of visitors. After 8 years of delighting fans, Chitranjali transformed into a Virtual Gallery and today you can find delight in our online gallery.  

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